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This Better Be Good

The Lovebirds
May 28, 2020

This week on This Better Be Good, your hosts Mike and Gerrit see the new, straight to Netflix comedy - "The Lovebirds." Directed by Michael Showalter and starring Issa Rae, Kumail Nanjiani, Paul Sparks, Anna Camp, Barry Rothbart, Moses Storm and many others, one question remains - Is it any good? Take a listen (or a watch over on YouTube) to find out!

The Sal And Bob Show

The Sal & Bob Show

All Things Boxing With William Dettloff
May 25, 2020

Do you dig boxing? Sal and Bob do, and this episode is all boxing, with their friend, renowned boxing writer William Dettloff, editor and writer for Ringside Seat Magazine. Bill breaks down the possible Tyson/Holyfield rematch as well as the upcoming Fury/Wilder rematch. Fascinating, fun stuff.

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The Obtuse Angles Podcast with Kyle and Jeremy

The Butcher of Montreal
May 18, 2020

This week Kyle and Jeremy are discussing the murder case and all around scumbaggery of the subject of the Netflix documentary, "Don't F**k With Cats", and possibly the most hated subject of this show. Which is saying a lot. Name omitted.

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An Evening With The Authors

Who's the Boss?
May 17, 2020

Dana Glass confronts the show's sponsor T. Spoon Safflower and things get complicated.

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Can Do With Bill Duncliffe

Preakness Stakes special part 2: Interview with Leeanne Ladin
May 14, 2020

In part 2 of our series to commemorate Preakness week, Bill has a discussion with Leeanne Ladin, co-author of "Secretariat's Meadow".

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Stewart Huff's Obsessive Curiosities

Live From The Limestone Comedy Festival
Jan 7, 2020

We close out Season 3 with our very special live episode that was recorded at the 2019 Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN. In this episode, Stewart didn't bring anything from his collection. This time, Rebecca Fasman with The Kinsey Institute brought some very special items from their extensive collection.