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Can Do With Bill Duncliffe

Big Score with Jonathan Kinchen
Feb 20, 2020

2015 NHC Tour Champion and FS1 racing personality Jonathon Kinchen shares 3 Big Score stories with us this week! The full interview with Jonathon airs later this season but for now sit back, relax and enjoy a flight through some memorable Big Scores.

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This Better Be Good

Sonic The Hedgehog
Feb 20, 2020

No one asked for it, but here we have a live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Starring James Marsden, Jim Carrey, and featuring the voice of Ben Schwartz, this movie was plagued by a loathsome first reaction to the titular character in its first promotional trailer. The character was retooled and this is what we get. Did Mike and Gerrit, your two wonderful hosts, like the finished product?

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The Obtuse Angles Podcast with Kyle and Jeremy

Albums That Ruined Careers Pt. II
Feb 17, 2020

This week, Kyle and Jeremy are wrapping up their discussion on albums that, in Bourne fashion, turned and destroyed their creators!

The Sal And Bob Show

The Sal & Bob Show

Warning Signs You're in a Bad Steakhouse - Thrillist
Feb 17, 2020

Sal and Bob catch you up on everything happening in their lives while joking about the guy who got caught cheating on the kiss cam on a jumbotron. They also give you tips to find out if you're eating at a bad steakhouse with a little help from Thrillist and more!

An Evening With The Authors podcast logo

An Evening With The Authors

Season 3 Episode 2
Feb 9, 2020

Fictitious public radio host, Dana Glass, presents readings from a petty detective, the inventor of the animated boob jiggle, a mermaid and a upbeat man who can't stop crying.

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Stewart Huff's Obsessive Curiosities

Live From The Limestone Comedy Festival
Jan 7, 2020

We close out Season 3 with our very special live episode that was recorded at the 2019 Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN. In this episode, Stewart didn't bring anything from his collection. This time, Rebecca Fasman with The Kinsey Institute brought some very special items from their extensive collection.