Season 4 Episode 12
Big Score with Brendan Walsh
March 5, 2020

Trainer, Brendan Walsh, tells the story of a horse he bought, who at first was underwhelming, but ended up over achieving.

Season 4 Episode 11
Interview with Jonathan Kinchen
March 3, 2020

An interesting conversation with Handicapper, Jonathon Kinchen, ranging from the best tracks in the U.S to stories about Vince Young's championship season at Texas.

Season 4 Episode 10
Big Score with Bruce Jackson
Feb 28, 2020

Bruce Jackson, who runs the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center tells us about the first Big Score for the Center, when one of their graduates took down a Grade I event for the first time.

Season 4 Episode 9
Interview with Bill Heller
Feb 25, 2020

Fascinating discussion this week on the Can Do podcast with previous guest and award winning author Bill Heller. We talk about the microscope our sport is under and continue the debate about the use of Lasix on our athletes.

Season 4 Episode 8
Big Score with Jonathan Kinchen
Feb 20, 2020

2015 NHC Tour Champion and FS1 racing personality Jonathon Kinchen shares 3 Big Score stories with us this week! The full interview with Jonathon airs later this season but for now sit back, relax and enjoy a flight through some memorable Big Scores.

Season 4 Episode 7
Big Score with Jonathan Kinchen
Feb 20, 2020

If you haven’t used Jim Mazur’s Progressive Handicapping ( breeding and trainer, etc. angles publications I strongly suggest you do so. And I strongly suggest you listen to this entertaining podcast with Jim on Can Do today.

Season 4 Episode 6
Big Score with Keith Haag
Feb 13, 2020

Keith Haag, Farm Manager at Big Score sponsor Endeavor Farm regales us with a story about a lights out Derby Day.

Season 4 Episode 5
Interview with Audrey Menefee
Feb 11, 2020

Fascinating combination of racing and remembering in this week's edition. Artist Audrey Menefee is this week's guest. She's preserved the memories of many of the great figures in our sport - from Jimmy Winkfield to John Asher, from Billy Walker to Isaac Murphy. We talk about the artistic process and the artistic vision. Enjoy!

Season 4 Episode 4
Big Score with Jim Mazur
Feb 6, 2020

Jim Mazur of Progressive Handicapping, an alumnus of Duke University, duked some of his followers a massive trifecta of which, once you'll hear it, you'll say "I shoulda had it!!!" I know I should have! Thanks, Jim!

Season 4 Episode 3
Interview with Eric Wing
Feb 4, 2020

We are hearing a lot about Founding Fathers lately. This week's podcast features an informative and entertaining conversation with NHC founding father Eric Wing. We talk about how he got into racing and his career journey to his current position as Communications Director at

Season 4 Episode 2
Big Score with Bob Phillips
Jan 30, 2020

Bob Phillips is a nationally known comedian featured on, among other places, Sirius XM's Raw Dog channel. He has a very funny new album coming out tomorrow, January 31, called 10 Dollar Gift Card. I got an early preview and I can tell you it was very enjoyable. As was my conversation about a big score Bob had as a child. All told with his trademark humor, of course!

Season 4 Episode 1
Interview with Peter Thomas Fornatale
Jan 29, 2020

I can't think of a better way to kick off Season 4 of our Can Do podcast than by interviewing Peter Thomas Fornatale. When I listened to the interview with Peter, one word came to mind. Raconteur!

Peter is the Money Players' Podcast host, founder of the World Horseplayers' Tour and much more.

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