Season 5 Episode 10
Roza Robota Part 2
November 23, 2020

We close out Season 5 with the conclusion to our episode about Roza Robota! Thanks for listening this season...we will be back soon with more episodes of Can Do!

Season 5 Episode 9
Roza Robata Part 1
November 16, 2020

In this episode, Bill discusses the fascinating story of Roza Robata. The horse was named after a little-known heroine and victim of the Holocaust. Roza Robata's involvement in an uprising in Auschwitz is a heroic tale for sure. This is Part 1 of this terrific story!

Season 5 Episode 8
Breeder's Cup Handicapping w/Morty Mittenthal
November 5, 2020

Bill is joined by Morty Mittenthal to break down this year's Breeder's Cup! Join the guys for all of their handicapping tips for this year's event.

Season 5 Episode 7
Jerry Bailey!
November 2, 2020

This week, Bill interviews one of the world's all-time greatest jockeys, Jerry Bailey. Among Jerry's numerous achievements, he is a two-time winner of the Kentucky Derby. Join Bill for this great conversation with a true horse racing legend!

Season 5 Episode 6
Eric Beitia Part 2
October 29, 2020

This week, Bill continues his discussion about the life and tragedy of jockey Eric Beitia.

Season 5 Episode 5
Eric Beitia Part 1
October 22, 2020

This week Bill looks at the tragic death of Jockey Eric Beitia. Eric was a 21 year old jockey with a promising career when his life came to a tragic end.

Season 5 Episode 4
Morty Mittenthal Part 2
October 15, 2020

This week, we continue with Bill's conversation with Morty Mittenthal!

Season 5 Episode 3
Morty Mittenthal Part 1
October 8, 2020

This week Bill chats with Morty Mittenthal. Morty Mittenthal has spent his life doing what he loves - among those pursuits learning the sport of racing from the ground up, talking himself into jobs in the sport that didn't exist and hobnobbing with the stars at the track. There's a million stories in the Horse Racing City. And Morty may have just that many! Join us for some of his best!

Season 5 Episode 2
Sir Barton Part II
September 30, 2020

In the second of our two-parter, Bill and Jennifer Kelly continue discussing Sir Barton and his 1920 match race against the incomparable Man O War.

Season 5 Episode 1
Sir Barton
September 23, 2020

Season 5 starts off with a bang! Bill is joined by Jennifer Kelly to discuss her book "Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown" Tune in for part 1 of this fascinating discussion about a truly amazing horse.

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