Season 3 Episode 17
Live From The Limestone Comedy Festival
Jan 7, 2020

We close out Season 3 with our very special live episode that was recorded at the 2019 Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN. In this episode, Stewart didn't bring anything from his collection. This time, Rebecca Fasman with The Kinsey Institute brought some very special items from their extensive collection. For more info on The Kinsey Institute, go to Thanks to everyone for following us for Season 3. Season 4 will be coming your way shortly. We will be releasing some additional episodes along the way to tide you over.

Season 3 Episode 16
Best of: Christmas
Dec 24, 2019

In honor of Christmas, we offer the replay of our Christmas episode featuring Stewart along with Danny Bevins and Tom Simmons. Such a funny episode! Happy Holidays from your friends at Perfecta Podcast Networks

Season 3 Episode 15
Dec 17, 2019

This week Stewart is joined by his pals Peter-john Byrnes and Tom Simmons. They have an in-depth conversation about French Philosopher Denis Diderot. You will learn alot in this one! Buckle up and have some fun with the guys!

Season 3 Episode 14
Pryor, Carlin and Bruce!
Dec 10, 2019

This week, Stewart is joined by Danny Bevins and Peter-john Byrnes to discuss legends Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. This is a great episode!!! Tell your friends and rate and review us!

Season 3 Episode 13
Werner von Braun
Dec 3, 2019

In this episode, Stewart and his pals Danny Bevins and Peter-john Byrnes discuss aerospace legend Werner von Braun! What a great discussion! Remember to tell a friend about us and make sure to rate and review the podcast!

Season 3 Episode 12
Best of: Trench Art
Nov 26, 2019

This week, as we celebrate our holiday hiatus, we bring you a favortie from a past season! This week we join Stewart and his guests, Lowell and Tom Simmons as they discuss the fascinating world of trench art. Stewart has some really cool items in studio this week!

Season 3 Episode 11
Best of...Football Helmets!
Nov 19, 2019

As the crew here prepares for Thanksgiving, we bring you a best of episode! Join Stewart, Lowell and Tom Simmons as they discuss Stewart's collection of vintage football helmets. A really fun episode to enjoy as we all get deep into football season!

Season 3 Episode 10
Best of: Megaladon Teeth
Nov 12, 2019

This week, we bring you a favorite episode from Season 1! Stewart, Tom Simmons and Matt Holt discuss Stewart's collection of Megaladon teeth, and how he obtained the collection. It's a fun episode that we're sure you'll enjoy!

Season 3 Episode 9
Fun with Bloodletting!
Nov 5, 2019

Once again, we join Stewart in his hotel in Bloomington, IN with Tom Simmons and Lowell. This episode is recorded on the eve of our very first LIVE episode. The guys are in excellent form here! Stewart pulls out his bloodletting gizmos to show to the guys!

Season 3 Episode 8
The Constitution
Oct 29, 2019

This week's episode is a prime example of how a simple conversation can be come a full episode without featuring a piece of junk. Stewart is joined by Tom Simmons and Lowell in Bloomington, Indiana as Stewart prepares for the Limestone Comedy Festival. This is a fun one!!

Season 3 Episode 7
How To Win
Oct 22, 2019

This week's episode comes to us from a hotel in Grand Rapids Michigan. Stewart is unhappy because he feels that the hotel is "too fancy". Since we are out of our normal studio, there are some audio issues here...but still a lot of fun and great conversation! Stewart is joined by Gerrit Elzinga, Nardos Osterhart, and Brent Von Kalamazoo.

Season 3 Episode 6
Fish Story
Oct 15, 2019

This week, we find Stewart, Lowell and Tom Simmons in their hotel studio in Bloomington, Indiana. The gang has a great discussion..but there's something fishy about this week's item!

Season 3 Episode 5
Lamp Talk from a hotel in Bloomington, IN
Oct 8, 2019

This episode was recorded on location in Bloomington Indiana. Stewart is joined by Lowell and Tom Simmons. Stewart is very uncomfortable recording in such a nice hotel room, but he makes the best of it. Listen as Stewart surprises the guys with a sweet lamp!!!

Season 3 Episode 4
Drink Radium
Oct 1, 2019

This week Stewart welcomes Tom Simmons and Cody Melcher to discuss a simpler time in our history, when water contained radium!! Add to that, the typical, fun, side-conversations that always happen on the show and this makes one really great episode!!! Rate and review us on iTunes and remember to tell a friend!!!

Season 3 Episode 3
Lightning Rod
Sep 24, 2019

This week, Stewart is joined by Tom Simmons and Cody "Easy Bake" Melcher! The episode starts with a hilarious back and forth with the guys about some odd public encounters that Stewart has had with strangers. Then they get into this episode's item...a really fun show!!!

Season 3 Episode 2
Nazi Hunters
Sep 17, 2019

This week Stewart is joined by Lowell and Danny Bevins to talk about Nazi Hunters!!! What a great episode!!! Rate and review us on iTunes AND tell a friend about us!!!

Season 3 Episode 1
Highlander Folk School
Sep 10, 2019

We kick off Season 3 with this interesting discussion about The Highlander Folk School. Stewart is joined in studio by Tom Simmons and Lowell.

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